Sunday, January 18, 2009

Its fun in school wif Mdm Ling..... She is nice, but she is urmmm u noe, scary as well. She is a very good oral reader, when she is reading, she reads like she's in the story...... No time 2 update 4 maybe next 2 months hahaha

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey guys! Sry 4 not posting but...... tis is a tough year 4 me. Pls try 2 understand...... plsplsplspls

Now to my holiday! Most ppl could not guess where i went. teeheehee. Well..... I went 2 Europe! Germany, Switzerland and France. HAHA Saw sooooo many things. Btw i not goin into the details or i become old granny..... HAHA jkjk but really u might wan 2 noe the details but NO WAY i going 2 tell u...... MUAHAHAHAHA

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Monday, November 24, 2008

FYI, u will not see me publish any more posts until December..... Ppl asking where u go 4 hols i say," Go check my blog lor but onli after i come back." Tour is 10 days. HAHA longest ever

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title:{Tekken Resecurection( or wadever)}

kk thats the name of a PSP game..... So sad cos it juz resetted itself and data lost..... that means hv 2 re-train..... sianz

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title:{Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa}

Well, u might NOT hv guessed but I went 2 watch Madagascar 2. Hmmmmm quite funny.... kk maybe not quite funny but very funny! Keep laughing although the movie consisted of sad, disgrace,disappointed and something else, but i cnnt remember. Diaozz any way this one takes place of course in Africa, but thts not the main part. Its somewhat educational, touching on topics such as, forgive and forget, teamwork and facing disgracefulness.....

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

On Wed.....
I went 2 camp! Onli thing 4 sch i had 4 the hols.... HEHE. It was so nice!!! But too bad onli 1 day...... Learnt 'bout crime awareness, first aid, CPR and fire-fighting. The best n the funniest was the lesson 'bout first aid skills. The person keep making us laugh..... until me and Vanessa had stomach pains frm laughing too much... HAHA. The most hated one was the fire-fighting skills. Cos the person voice v.monotonus( or how its supposed 2 spell ) HEHEHAHA. the food was oso v.nice, esp. when they cook food that was not available in sch.... so nice

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Thursday, November 20, 2008
title:{NEW BLOG FACE!!! :)}

So happy my blog has a new face.... All thks 2 Ling Yun. My blog a little funny cos of some language but.... its cos I have 2 tink wad 2 put there...... Pls patronize my 'shop' more often! HAHA:) LOL

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N {THIS IS ME....}

This is my property. Wan 2 come here muz obey. No vulgarities esp. Anyway if u think this is boring? GET OUT!!! and i will get u back


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